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Greetings from the Representative Director

Records show that predecessor of the Japan Association of Nursing Programs in Universities (JANPU), “Japanese Association for Nursing Programs at Six Universities” started out with six universities. Today, our membership is comprised of 277 universities (programs) (42 national universities, 2 daigakko (higher education institution established by government agencies), 49 public universities and 184 private universities), which include all nursing educational programs in Japan. JANPU expects to welcome more members as some professional and vocational universities will be newly created in 2019

Society now gives great attention to quality assurance of nursing education and we are expected to work on it. Japan Accreditation Board for Nursing Education (JABNE) will finally launch around 2019.

JANPU will work on the following three goals as its priority subjects.

1. Quality assurance of nursing education
JANPU will promote autonomous inspection/evaluation of nursing education in nursing universities in order to improve quality of their education.

1) Found and develop infrastructure of Japan Accreditation Board for Nursing Education (JABNE) and support
its stable organization;
2) Drive utilization of “core competency and ultimate goal upon graduation in JANPU educational
program for bachelor degrees in nursing science” and promote faculty development (FD); and
3) Utilize criteria for clinical training in nursing universities and promote its diffusion policy and
promote FD.

2. Establishment of ground design of Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) system
JANPU will establish the ground design of APN system in order to assure quality of APN education and visualize contribution of certified nurse specialists and nurse practitioners to care receivers.

1) Approve educational programs and maintain organization basis associated with individual
2) Investigate modality of discipline approval;
3) Establish prospect of demand for APN;
4) Visualize and disseminate achievement of APN activity; and
5) Initiate individual accreditation system of NP early.

3. Stable organizational operation of JANPU
JANPU will operate its organization stably in order to improve pretense of this organization and contribute to its members against a background of increase in its members and new creation of professional and vocational universities.

1) Introduce conference based on blocks to reflect voice of its members;
2) Review its commission system (election criteria based on installation body, block, etc.); and
3) Review its head office system.

JANPU will continue our commitment and efforts to provide high quality nursing education in Japan and look forward to the continued support and cooperation from members.

Kazuko Kamiizumi
Representative Director,
Japan Association of Nursing Programs in Universities

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